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Why Us

We understand that distributing your brand to the right channels and scaling it effectively can be a challenging task. That's why we're here to help you reach new heights with our efficient distribution and scaling solutions.


Credibility & Trust

Built on the trusted legacy of MMG with a 50+ years history of long-term partnerships with global & domestic multinational companies

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Extensive Network

Moonshot leverages MMG’s

pan-India network of distributors & touch-points across GT, MT & other sales channels

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Think Big

Accelerate your brand's growth & achieve exponential scale by leveraging our channels


Deep Industry Knowledge

The team brings you unparalleled experience & the right mix of veterans across industries & verticals with a deep understanding of the Indian consumer market


Financial Backing

MMG has an impressive credit history & a proven track record of large-scale acquisitions giving financial flexibility to partner in your growth


Digital Brand Building

Experience the power of digital by expanding your marketplace presence to reach consumers



Take your brand to new heights.

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